Animal Movie Review: Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor Wasted in this Pointless, Terrible Story
Animal Movie Review: Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor Wasted in this Pointless, Terrible Story

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It is no surprise that Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who has made films revolving around boys and their toys, has come up with a similar central character this time dealing with serious father issues. What is surprising, however, is how ‘Animal’ fell off target after a full-tilt race by the mid-point: had it finished at the gap, it would have made its point.

But no, we are made to sit in the same circle for the entire 201 minutes, during which one point, and one point only, is hammered home: if Vijay (Ranbir Kapoor) has to talk to his always busy father Balbir (Anil). Have to meet. Attention Kapoor). Had he come), he would not have resorted to bestiality.

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Everything in the exaggerated plot is bent on underscoring this toxic relationship between father and son. We are supposed to sympathize with this loveless man-child, who is responsible for everything that happens to him – from making indecent remarks to a girl (Rashmika Mandanna) with whom he reunites after many years, until That it doesn’t turn into romance any time soon. Leads to a scene in which she is completely subjugated to this man who thinks violence is the answer to all his problems, a belted-out situation specifically made for an explosion of low-rent comedic, bloody action. Has been. Is. The sequence in which limbs fly off faster than you can count – well, because that poor guy didn’t get any love when he was a kid.

Of course, the steady affection of his mother (Charu Shankar) and sisters doesn’t matter, because ‘it’s a man’s world’. If we have any doubt, a character in the film is asked to say it out loud. The women, including Rashmika’s loyal wife Geetanjali, who is given a few scenes in which she tries to stand up for herself (look, mom, I’m not being polite Missy) and Tripti Dimri’s brief appearance is a bit -As if- On the other hand, when men take action everyone stands to react.

Vanga is in complete control in the first half. We get a quick tour of rural Punjab, which is merely an excuse to jump into a dozen rough ‘patterns’: more boys, more toys, more sexual jokes featuring male nether regions. A kinetic sequence featuring a giant bazooka, and Ranbir Kapoor firing hundreds of bullets at hundreds of dead bodies, is the kind of gleefully comic-book action that stays fun for a long time. But then comes the endless second half in which everything is thrown into the kitchen sink in the hope that something sticks, but in reality nothing sticks, not Bobby Deol who comes across as the man whose family The history is with Kapoor’s father, not his father. Trio. As for the women who are there strictly to prove Deol’s masculinity, no… it goes on and on.

This is a film full of good actors, especially the two lead actors: Anil Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor both can play their roles well. But the film’s meandering length and objectives outweigh them. Anyone who has been watching Bobby’s recent adventures in ‘Ashram’ will recognize his character here, because it is exactly the same. But eventually, as the boys fight, all the toys are put aside for the bare bones action: If you don’t hear the sound of bones scraping, what does it mean?

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